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What makes Hem Support Wear's pelvic floor support garment different

What Makes Our Garment Different

Just like many women who experience Pelvic Organ Prolapse, our founder Lauren received a recommendation from her pelvic floor physical therapist to wear a pelvic floor support garment to help alleviate her symptoms.

Lauren tried many options, but none of them seemed right. “I had no idea what was happening with my body when I first started feeling the prolapse symptoms early postpartum,” she says.

“I had been very prepared and educated on what to expect with pregnancy and birth, but I was not prepared for the possibility of getting prolapse or what the symptoms may be like. I felt blindsided and like my body had let me down. Then, I felt very disheartened when the only thing that helped alleviate my symptoms in the short term were garments that did not fit me well, made me feel uncomfortable, and made me feel like I had a problem.” 


Common Complaints

Unfortunately, many women who search for a support garment encounter the same issues. People who wear other pelvic floor support garments might complain about how the: 

  • Garments ride up when you do any sort of activity (including walking) and have straps that are tricky to adjust. The garment has to be taken on and off to get it right, or someone has to help you with strap adjustments.
  • Garments have an elastic waistband that tightly squeezes your waist and makes you feel like a tube of toothpaste that has been squeezed in the middle.
  • Garments do not provide any support and have leg openings that dig into the tops of your thighs when you are sitting.  
  • Garments are designed to be worn over underwear, which can be cumbersome to get on and off because the clothing, underwear and garment do not always line up.
  • Garments are bulky and can be seen through your clothes. There are straps that go across the butt and that are visible, especially with workout pants and even through jeans. Others have thick belts that go around your waist and can be seen under shirts and tops. 
  • Garments that do not feel nice or comfortable at all. Some look like a jockstrap with some lace added to it. 
  • Garments that look old and have nothing modern to the design. 
  • Garments that are designed like boxer briefs which do not fit many women well, are made of low quality material, and do not have a luxurious look or feel
  • The buying experience feels outdated and medical.

Hem Support Wear was born to address these concerns and make something that women actually want to wear. 


What Sets Hem Apart 

We believe that support garments should promote wellness without compromising on beauty, so we pay careful attention to our fabric choices and their function. We’ve added features including specialized support panels built into the garment, gentle compression fabrics, and a unique design for the crotch area of the garment that adds extra support. Our pelvic floor support garments:

  • Are designed like women's underwear so they fit seamlessly into your wardrobe and routine
  • Have minimal to no visibility under other garments. 
  • Are easy to wear and pull up and down throughout the day. 
  • Can be worn with most, if not all, of your clothes
  • Provide support without sacrificing comfort or style
  • Are made of high-quality materials carefully chosen for their supportive and moisture-wicking qualities. 
  • Come in nine sizes so you can find a garment that fits
  • Will ultimately come in different styles so you can find a garment that fits your body shape and butt shape the best.
  • Include a buying experience that’s easy, thoughtful, and personable. You can shop with confidence knowing Hem Support Wear truly cares about helping women feel great and look great too.

We are especially proud of the confidence and peace of mind our customers derive from wearing our garment. You can take your walks and feel better when you do. The bulging feeling is relieved and not at the forefront of your thoughts, like a pebble in your shoe that won’t quit bothering you. When you’re wearing our garment, you don’t feel like you are strapped into a medical device that braces you and underscores the problem. 

By providing a functional and beautiful garment, our goal is to help women feel empowered in their pelvic health journeys. Learn about what we stand for and what sets our garments apart.

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