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Pelvic Floor Support Garments

Top 6 Things to look for in a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

Dec 12, 2023

Top 6 Things to Look for in a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

When it comes to pelvic floor support, you shouldn’t have to compromise between function and style, and you don’t hav...
Why is it so hard to find a pelvic floor support garment that fits?

Apr 5, 2023

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Support Garment That Fits?

If you’ve ever wondered this, you’re definitely not alone! The fashion industry is difficult to navigate when it come...
Our High Waisted Pelvic Floor Support underwear garment testing process

Dec 14, 2022

Our Garment Testing Process

Our first line of high-waisted pelvic floor support underwear is available now, and we’re on a mission to design and...
What makes our Garment Different

Aug 2, 2022

What Makes Our Garment Different

Just like many women who experience Pelvic Organ Prolapse, our founder Lauren received a recommendation from her pelv...
Why you should wear a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

Jul 17, 2022

Why You Should Wear a Pelvic Floor Support Garment

For many women, the time may come when they will have to approach the issue of dealing with pelvic organ prolapse (PO...